About Us

Wildwood by the River Bayfield is a four-season park where you acquire your own site in an attractive outdoor community with a Country Club atmosphere at a price you can afford. Wildwood by the River Bayfield provides an enjoyable and relaxing way of life where all the best facilities are combined with sensible restrictions to guarantee the highest standards of camping enjoyment.

Having your own site at Wildwood by the River Bayfield means that the “Sorry, No Vacancy” sign and high costs of towing your recreational vehicle from one campground to another won’t affect your family. There is so much more than a trailer site at Wildwood by the River Bayfield.

Wildwood by the River Bayfield was originally “Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park”, when it was built in the late 70’s. The Members purchased the park in 1985, shortly after it was incorporated and a Board of Directors was elected to take care of the business aspects of ownership.

As a Member of Wildwood you purchase one membership in the park. This membership is represented by the site you purchased and allows the Member one vote on issues at Member meetings. The Board of Directors set a yearly maintenance fee that creates cash flow to run the park and make improvements to the infrastructure. Hydro is metered to each site and each Member is responsible for this billing. Taxes are paid on the Park as a whole (from maintenance fee) and the Municipality of Bluewater also taxes assessed trailers.

There are Members Meetings on long weekends during the summer. The August meeting is an election of Board Members only. Terms are two years with half the Board of Directors using a Management Operating Manual (MOM) to conduct business at the park.

We have absolutely beautiful gardens throughout Wildwood Park. These gardens are kept up and attended to by our many dedicated volunteers. The success of the gardens is because of our volunteers, please contact the office if you’re interested.


Wildwood is located two miles from the village of Bayfield and Lake Huron, on the west coast of Ontario, 170 miles from Windsor/Detroit, 60 miles from London and K/W area and 160 miles from Toronto.  It is easy trip from your home to Wildwood by the River Bayfield.