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Wildwood By The River

Wildwood by the River Bayfield is a four-season park where you acquire your own site in an attractive outdoor community with a Country Club atmosphere at a price you can afford. Wildwood by the River Bayfield provides an enjoyable and relaxing way of life where all the best facilities are combined with sensible restrictions to guarantee the highest standards of camping enjoyment.

Office Open Daily 10am – 4pm 

Office Updates

Wildwood Members

For many years we had a Member who generously volunteered their time and energy to remove the scrap metal from the park utilizing their own truck and trailer and they kept all the proceeds of the scrap saving the park $$ in removal.

The Board is asking if there are any Members who are interested in taking on this task with the condition that you would be required to take all the scrap metal.

Please contact the office/Board if you are interested. If we do not have any internal interest, we will contact local salvage companies.
Note: this does not include the empties as this money stays in the park with the Recycling Committee benefiting the park and improving our amenities,

Mat Zettler
Park Manager
As per Board of Directors

Having your own site at Wildwood by the River Bayfield means that the “Sorry, No Vacancy” sign and high costs of towing your recreational vehicle from one campground to another won’t affect your family. There is so much more than a trailer site at Wildwood by the River Bayfield.